The very essence of what Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed and preached to the people was love, justice, equality and unity. Let’s not let this be just another day we get off from work. Let’s not let his martyrdom be in vain. He fought not only for the people of his time but for us…the generations that came after him. I’ve seen Dr. King’s face defamed and placed on club flyers for parties and events. This is unacceptable and is clearly the result of a generation of people who don’t honor or respect the sacrifice of those that came before us. We have the responsibility of teaching those younger than us about our history. Black history. Take today to honor Dr. King and teach someone about his legacy. Sing, sing celebrate! #drking #martinlutherkingjr #mlk #blackhistory

This post is posted on Monday 20 January 2014.
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